Matteo Cigala: New Year, New Team, New Bikes

Topping out the A1 cycling rankings in 2017 new signing to Planet X Ireland distributed Viner bikes as part of team Viner-Caremark-Pactimo, Matteo Cigala talks about his season ahead and the winter afoot.

Morgan Fox: Matteo you’ve been riding the Planet X London Road as your winter training bike this year. Can you tell us how you find it and why you prefer to train on a heavier bike during the winter?

Matteo Cigala: The London Road is a great option for a winter bike. Heavy, disc breaks and mudgard space.

I like to train on a slightly heavier bike as it keeps me warm (as I don’t need to go that faster to reach a certain power output).

Switching to a light bike later will feel good 🙂

MF: You also use 28mm tyres in the winter is there a specific reason for that ?

MC:The wide tyres allows me to use a lower pressure and therefore more stability on wet mucky roads.

Finally, the conti gatorskin are the perfect tyres for the winter. So comfortable.

MF: How’s your training going so far this winter and give us an idea of what type of training you’re at with this cold weather snap ?

MC:It’s OK. Can always be better. And this is because by working full time running your own business and studying part-time time is very limited.

If I am able to do 10hrs a week, I am happy. I focus more on the quality of each training session and leave the quantity only for 1 day a week.

I have done lots of gym work this winter and a good amount of Zone 3 intervals and cadence work.

I was back home in Lake Garda for Xmas and had a good training week with my friends there who they are all pros.

Heading again to Lake Garda in February for a training camp that I organise with my company, and it should be another good training week.

MF: You’re welcome to the Viner-Caremark-Pactimo team this year. Viner is distributed by Planet X Ireland but is of course a very famous Italian brand that you are very familiar with. Are you looking forward to the year ahead and what are your goals? 

MC: I am delighted that we put this team together and I am so excited for the season.

Getting to ride a prestigious Italian brand like Viner is great. The brand has been around such a long time.

One of the managers at Caremark, is a good friend of mine and a coaching customer for the past 3 years now. I approached him in September to see if he was interested in sponsoring us. When I then received the call from him saying that he loved the sound of the project and they were going ahead with the sponsorship I was delighted.

Finally it is great to have another great cycling brand partnering with us such as Pactimo.

MF: Last weekend you saw the new Viner Maxima bike that will be your weapon of choice this year. What are your first impressions??

MC: The Viner Maxima looks great and at the same time feels so light with Sram groupset and Selcof wheels.

I also really like the Italian flags on the frame 🙂

I am looking forward to starting to riding with that.

MF: Your coaching company Cigala Cycling is doing very well and you have a training camp in Lake Garda in early February. Will you be using the London road or the New Maxima?

MC: I am very happy that Cigala Cycling is doing so well.

I love seeing my coaching clients improving so much and achieve their goals.

I am cycling since I am 6 years old and it’s a huge passion of mine. Working as coach is something that I really enjoy and that doesn’t feel like work.

In the next training camp to Lake Garda I will be bringing my new Viner maxima. It will fun cycling an Italian bike on Italian roads 🙂