365X Shield Cycling Glasses (ANSI Z87.1)

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Full frame cycling glasses with ANSI approved interchangeable lenses. Our Planet X 365 Shield cycling glasses offer easy adjustability with their Switchomatic lens swap system. Choose between Sunburst Mirror, Hi-contrast Amber or Midnight Smoke replacement lenses and get ready to ride

  • ANSI Z87.1 Impact tested lenses
  • Twin-Shot moulded frame
  • Switchomatic swappable lenses, 3 supplied
  • Microfleece lined hardshell case

Our Switchomatic lens swap system is simply genius. Just a single press on each hinge opens the frames up allowing you to easily and safely swap lenses without ever having to worry about scratching a lens or bending a frame ever again. Changing lenses has never been so easy. With essential ANSI rated impact protection as well as proven defence from UV A, B & C the three included lenses will cover you for all lighting conditions, helping to reduce midday glare or make the most out of the failing evening light.

The Planet X 365 Shield's Twin-Shot moulded wraparound frame combines a tough yet pliable TPR core with a soft-touch hydrophilic elastomer arms to ensure they stay put. An independently adjustable nose bridge allows you to fine tune for the perfect fit on or off the bike.

Weighing under 30g you'll hardly realise that you're wearing the 365 Shield glasses. Supplied with three sets of ANSI approved lenses and shipped in their own microfleece lined hardshell bottle box the Shield is ready for when the heat is on.


  • Switchomatic lens swap system
  • Weight: 29g,
  • Adjustable wired nose bridge
  • Sunburst Mirror: Transmissivity 15.8%
  • Hi-Contrast Amber: Transmissivity 64.4%
  • Midnight Smoke: Transmissivity 15.5%
  • Lens material: Polycarbonate ANSI Z87.1 Impact tested lenses

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