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The 880 has been a stalwart of the Magicshine line-up for a couple of years now and it keeps getting better and better. We were wowed by the upgrade to XM-L2 LEDs last season and now the introduction of their new wireless 2.4G remote control has moved thing even further forward. Magicshine have paired it up with their remote control rear light unit to create the perfect pairing for serious riding.

The 880RT comes with a huge 6x 18650 Li/Ion, rechargeable battery pack that squeezes in a whopping 4400mAh current capability- this light will run and run. Runtime on MAX power is 2.3hrs and runtime on MIN is extended to 15 hours. that's enough to see you through any 24hour Enduro event.

With a compact well ventilated and strongly finned head unit design the 880 sits firmly on your bars with just a simple O-ring mount. Intelligent thermal and voltage management keeps your batteries running longer and stronger and ensures the LEDs never overheat even when you stop riding and forget to dim your lights. An IPX4 waterproof rating means the 880 should be good for just about any conditions you can imagine in the UK; Magicshine's waterproof power connector design is one of the smartest and easiest to use on the market.

If there's a more practical dual LED bike headlight with wireless remote control we've yet to see it. The MJ880RT package is an ideal entry into the world of serious bicycle lights for riders looking to extend their night time riding, on and off-road. The addition of the remote control rear light to this light set is the icing of a truly epic cake.

  • Runtimes 2.3hrs MAX power- 15hrs MIN power
  • 6x 18650, Li/Ion abttery pack, 7.4v, 4400mAh capacity

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