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The Bio bottle offers the very same characteristics as the other water water bottles by Tacx but the one quality that sets it apart is the fact this bottle is made from plastic that is 100% bio-degradable, Adding a small amount of the material called Bio-batch alters the molecular structure which makes the structure decompose into Biogas and Biomass. These nourish the soil and entirely absorbed by nature. Light, heat and humidity do not affect the quality of this product.

Tacx Shiva is the new water bottle for the Pro teams. This sturdy water bottle features a powerful design and a screw-on cap. Shiva distinguishes itself thanks to a number of excellent functionalities and is easy to fill and clean. Its design makes that it blends in perfectly with the
Uma bottle cage.

o Bio-degradable
o Screw-on cap with a leak proof spout
o Secure grip on triangular cap for easy opening and closing of bottle

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