Jobsworth Disc Brake Compatible Adjustable Pannier Rack

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There's not many pannier racks out there that can be fitted to fat bikes, but this is one of them. If you want to carry a load on your fat tyred friend- and you ride fat bikes from another brand- these wil work for you. (On-One Fat Bikes don't have rack mounts.)

When you want to carry extra loads on your cycle, the Jobsworth rack can be relied upon all year round. Being extremely well-made and covered in corrosion-proof paint, this is a fit-and-forget rack that will come in handy if you like to ride without a bag on your back, or if you're riding long distances. Being compatible with disc specific frames, such as our London Road and trusty Kaffenback framesets, we're sure you'll love the hassle-free freedom these Jobsworth racks give. Get yourself a Jobsworth cycle rack and feel super-dooper - now nothing can hold you back from adventure.

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