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jobsworth varder mini pump

Having a pump strong enough to deliver the 120psi+ that most skinny road tyres require and being able to fit it discreetly into your back pocket or on your frame dont usually go together, but with the Jobsworth Varder weve brought those two ideals stylishly together with an all metal micro-pump of remarkable quality.

An all metal construction means the Varder can be built to higher precision, with better sealing and smooth inflating action than other lower quality, and often more expensive pumps might offer. A Teflon lined main barrel ensures the smoothest stroke while our trigger clamping mechanism clamps your tyre valve with a vice like grip so its easy to squeeze in all the air you need to get your skinny rubber up to pressure. Dont let the low price scare you off; this is the highest quality pocket pump weve ever used.

Jobsworth, for when a job's worth doing right!


  • Hand serviceable for long life
  • Trigger lock valve head
  • Great ergonomics
  • Locking valve adaptor

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