Carnac Notar Cycling Glasses (ANSI Z87.1)

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Comfort and protection combined with optical clarity, ANSI approved interchangeable lenses and removable Air-Blok subframe. The Carnac Notar sunglasses are perfect on or off the bike. Swap between Sunburst Mirror, Hi-contrast Amber and Midnight Smoke replacement lenses and hit the road.

  • ANSI Z87.1 Impact tested lenses
  • Twin-Shot moulded frames
  • Swappable lenses, 3 supplied
  • Microfleece lined hardshell case


Designed to be brilliant on or off the bike, Carnac's new Notar sunglasses offer essential ANSI rated impact protection. A stylish, one-piece wrap-around lens gives excellent periphery vision. Shaped to mimic the human field of view Carnac's Bi-Ellipsoid lens shaping ensures minimal optical distortion right to the edge of the lens. The three included lenses, Sunburst Mirror, Hi-contrast Amber and Midnight Smoke will cover you for all lighting conditions, helping to reduce midday glare or make the most out of the failing evening light.

Twin-shot moulded frames combine a tough yet pliable TPR core with a soft-touch outer. With an ear-gripping reflex curve arm shape and a hydrophilic elastomer outer, the Notar is designed to stay put. The Notar's ace in the hole is their incredible Air-Blok subframe. If you're planning on riding fast on a bike, or taking to the road in an open-top car simply drop the Air-Blok subframe into place and you'll feel as protected as you would wearing a pair of full-frame goggles.

The Carnac Notar sunglasses ship with Air-Blok subframe, three pairs of lenses and come in their very own micro fleece lined, hardshell bottle box. If there's a more versatile pair of sunglasses for use on or off the bike we've yet to see them. Grab a pair of Carnac Notar sunglasses and hit the road.


  • Weight: 39g, with subframe 48g
  • Sunburst Mirror: Transmissivity 15.8%
  • Hi-Contrast Amber: Transmissivity 64.4%
  • Midnight Smoke: Transmissivity 15.5%
  • Lens material: Polycarbonate ANSI Z87.1 Impact tested lenses

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