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Clincher road tyres so light and supple that they almost feel like tubulars

  • folding bead
  • 220tpi nylon casing
  • sub-200g weight for 22mm tyre
  • max 145PSI

The cotton casings of Vittoria's tubular tyres have a reputation for being extremely supple, conferring extreme comfort and grip to the tyres as a whole. The Diamante range is designed to emulate the high performance of those cotton tubulars with durable nylon casings on a folding clincher road race tyre.

Vittoria have done this in two ways. First, a super-high 220tpi thread count was chosen for supreme comfort. Then, to acheive the same high levels of suppleness with such a high thread count, an innovative parallel thread pattern was used in the sidewalls rather than a traditional crossed mesh. Friction values are higher in a mesh, meaning a stiffer tyre that's reluctant to deform. The Radiales parallel threads allow the case to flex more freely, conforming to imperfections in the road for comfort and grip. This casing so quality that it can take up to 145PSI with no loss of performance - almost unheard of amongst clincher tyres.

The tyre's flexibility really comes into its own when cornering, ensuring maximum surface area in contact with the road as you lean into bends. The tread pattern - slick in the middle with a grip pattern on the shoulders - also lends itself perfectly to staying glued to the tarmac on twisty roads.

The tyre is available in 22mm and 24mm widths, 1mm less than the standard 23mm and 25mm tyres for weight reduction and aerodynamic advantages. The suppleness of the tyre means that in real terms, you end up with the same amount of grip as with wider tyres anyway. And the weight savings certainly are impressive: the 195g for the 22mm and 210g for the 24g. That's with a solid puncture-protection strip across the whole tread.

These tyres are the best of the best in Vittoria's clincher range, and they feel it. Fast, light, comfortable and grippy. These are full-on race tyres, perfect for anyone looking for optimum clincher performance.

  • available in: 700x22c & 700x24c
  • Folding bead
  • weight: 22c = 195g, 24c = 210g
  • 220 TPI nylon casing
  • max 145psi
  • presta valves

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